Wall covering


A wall covered with leather is the ultimate eye-catcher in the interior. The appearance always gives a feeling of luxury. There are various ways to attach leather to a wall. The big difference is in the choice of leather. For the thicker types of leather, this can be done directly, flat on the wall. For softer and more flexible variants, this is done by means of covering separate tiles. Both have their own character.

Leather wall covering gives your interior a personal character!


Not only the choice of leather type and color is decisive, but also the way in which the pattern is mounted. This can be done the classic way, in brick bond or in a staggered pattern. But so much more is possible. Think of rectangles or squares, ‘tiles in relief’ or as a braided pattern, or in more playful shapes such as optical cubes or hexagons.

Design of luxury leather wall coverings

For Alphenberg it is always a challenge to arrive at an optimal design together with designers and architects. Both color and collection are of course decisive, but the personal wishes of the client always remain the most important starting point. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then make an appointment without any obligation in our Flagship Store in Waalwijk.

Which leather is suitable

We can give a very clear answer to that. Every type of leather from our collection is suitable for walls. We have an almost endless color palette. The Suède collection alone has 120 colors. Wander around in the rich collection catalog and let your imagination speak. And if you can’t figure it out? Order a sample. Then you can not only see the texture, test the color, but also actually feel the material.