Theather with acoustic leather solution

The acoustic walls of theater ‘t Spant in Bussum are the perfect result of the collaboration between designer and Alphenberg design studio. Design studio Kabaz came with a beautiful proposal… Just a small number of sketch proposals were enough for our studio to get started.

Theater ‘T Spant in Bussum, such a household name. Even if it’s just hearsay. This theater, which has survived the corona period wonderfully, requested to give the walls a boost, in terms of acoustics as well as optical experience. Design studio Kabaz came up with a wonderful proposal based on their experience with Alphenberg. Just a few sketch proposals were enough for our studio to get started straight-away.

“Just a small number of sketch proposals were enough.”

A number of tests were made, as usual, and a miniature setup was made in which the completed designs could be seen on a smaller scale. Here you can clearly see how a design served as a starting point, but the function also certainly contributed to the final result. All this in close consultation and in collaboration with Alphenberg’s design studio.

Theater ‘t Spant! Was the first theater in bussum in 1969

It was built to accommodate the local music, theater and operetta associations. The first professional performances were brought to ‘t Spant in the 1970s. The theater has two large theater halls, called stages 1 and 2.’T Spant’s large theater hall has almost 800 seats. Podium 1 has a hall and a balcony area. By placing a stand on the stage, the capacity can be increased to 1250 seats.

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