We see sustainability as a challenge. Something you no longer want to ignore today.

From residual product to high-end result

The hides that we process are 100% buffalo leather, from animals that have lived free and were not bred for their hides. Hides are basically residual material. A qualification that may sound a bit inferior, but it is precisely where the strength of sustainability lies. The hides are processed by us in-house, in a responsible manner, into the leather we use. At Alphenberg sustainability and creativity go hand in hand. Thus, providing not only responsible but also special solutions, of which BRAID is our most recent example.


A classic technique in a brand-new version

The idea of the braid and its design comes from Wolterinck’s studio in Laren. They were looking for a sustainable solution for a luxury leather wall finish, with a distinctive character and made entirely of residual material from the processing of leather. In collaboration with Alphenberg, who developed the technique, the weave-pattern was created.


Special and sustainability related qualities of leather

Leather has a number of special qualities that should certainly not go unnoticed today regarding our special focus on durability. Leather insulates, has a sound-damping effect, is fire-retardant and it hardly produces any residual waste. Leather does not require special maintenance which is also benificial for the environment. Brushing or lightly wiping with a clean damp cloth is often sufficient.


We do not necessarily focus on customers who are looking for a sustainable product, but rather see it as a challenge one no longer wants to ignore today. The high-quality and creative addition of leather to your interior still stands out. The fact that it is made in the most responsible way possible, goes without saying.

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