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Alphenberg has excisted for more than 10 years

And with success! Not only from a business point of view, but also in terms of working environment. There is little turnover in our team and we are growing steadily. And that doesn’t surprise us. Because Alphenberg is a dynamic company with opportunities in every area. We work as a team on large but also smaller projects, we constantly develop and invent new possibilities in which leather plays the leading role. Think of a beautiful villa with walls or floors covered with leather, but also companies where we install acoustic walls, for example. Of course finished with… leather! Alphenberg is a real world player, we work in more than 40 countries!

Mastery, creativity & sustainability

Mastery is the first word of Alphenberg’s pay-off. And we mean something by that. We see leather processing as a pure craft, a profession where tradition and expertise are closely linked to the past and where there are many opportunities for the future. Mastery is perhaps the best description of what we do in the field of leather processing. In the world of applications in high-end interior design, but also in the development of what else is possible. Because mastery is also a basis for creativity. And it goes without saying that we want to work as sustainably as possible.

All natural

Leather naturally all starts with a 100% natural product: the skin. The entire processing process from skin to high-quality leather is done under our watchful eye. Think of the pre-processing and cutting to the right size, but also the coloring and finishing of the top layer. It gives us the opportunity to create the leather in such a way that the exclusive characteristics such as grain, nuances and texture are optimally used. And that in turn ensures that each piece of leather can show its own character. Because if we can use the word unique somewhere, it applies to leather. A natural product of which literally no two pieces are exactly the same.

Leather is also sustainable, because even if that sounds a bit inferior, you can see leather as a residual product. ‘Inferior’ is converted by our expertise into ‘high-quality’. And that the processing process is as sustainable as possible is a logical choice for us. For example, we have created a ZERO LABEL with all parties involved. A label that is only awarded by us when the product meets the highest and most current standards of sustainability. This can be for the way we make the leather, how it came about, but also for example how we deal with the leather and trimmings.

“Leather only really comes into its own when it is places perfectly”

Mastery in assembly 

We no longer need to explain that leather is a rich basis for your interior, nor do we need to explain the quality and exclusivity of our products. But what we are very proud of is the high quality of our team. The people who actually bring the leather to life in your interior. This can vary from a small wall in a lavatory to a gigantic and ingenious design. The following applies to every project: Leather only really comes into its own when it is placed perfectly.

Leather and acoustics: an unexpected but unique combination

The main function of acoustic applications is to absorb sound and thus reduce reverberation. In addition to the desired effect, it is of course a great challenge to make the acoustic elements into a real eye-catcher. Alphenberg started developing acoustic panels at the request of an architect. Now, a few years later and a lot more experienced, we have not only mastered the technical side of this complex noise control, but we know better than anyone how we can make acoustics eye-catching and leading in every environment. Leather seems to be made to make acoustics not only functional but beautiful as well. Something we really understand at Alphenberg.

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