Tundra Choclat connects the kitchen to the living room.

ALPHENBERG can proudly look back on a great challenge in Baarn.

Baarn, a ‘royal’ city located in the middle of the Netherlands on the river Eem. An old city with many special sites. The Lage Vuursche, Drakesnteyn Castle and of course Soestdijk Palace, just to name a few.

In the middle of these beautiful surroundings you’ll find a house cherished by its residents. A house where Alphenberg was asked to contribute with ideas about the interior and the decoration of the walls. It is not new that taste and wishes change over time. But the residents of this house in Baarn had, in addition to the usual demands, some specific wishes for the interior. Alphenberg is an excellent partner to exchange ideas with and discuss wishes in order to find the possibilities to fulfill those wishes together.

Let us walk through the house and start with the kitchen.

Ideally the perfect place to sit at the bar by the end of the day, while a delicious smell titillates the nostrils, to discuss the experiences of the day together, exchange recipes or simply enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Because the semi-open kitchen is adjacent to the living room, there was a desire to blend the atmosphere harmoniously in both color and finish. No “white machinery” but a part of the adjacent living areas. Warm, comfortable, modern yet timeless, chic and sturdy exclusive customization. Those were the keywords that served as the foundation for this wonderful result.

Would you like to know more about the colors and possibilities of the leather type TUNDRA?

Leather is perfect for covering both larger and smaller surfaces.

The sophisticated application on the drawers is a good example.

For the kitchen, it was decided to work in large tiles with as few seams as possible. This is clearly visible on the kitchen island and on the wall in which a choice of kitchen equipment and the wine climate cabinet have been incorporated.

Tundra Choclat in sizeable tiles has also been used on the partition wall in which the fireplace is incorporated.

The same leather but now in an illusionary 3d pattern.

The fireplace wall leads to the living room where the same type of leather and color has been used, but now surprisingly in a different pattern.
For this geometric cube pattern, tiles are cut into parallelograms and applied in such a way that the dark side is always at the top of the cube, creating an almost 3-D effect.
This wall clearly shows that no two pieces of leather are the same. Leather is and will remain a natural material always beautifully reflecting its unique character.

Alphenberg can proudly look back on a very successful collaboration with a wonderful result.