Provinciehuis Antwerpen

A combination of design, technology and expertise of the highest level.

Walls with a specific character!

Alphenberg is known for its high-quality wall and floor finish with leather. Clients are often architects and interior designers who involve us in the design of their projects. Think of an impressive leather-covered wall, a robust fireplace furniture piece or a sturdy floor. Projects of which the size and progress are generally easy to estimate. And for which we almost always, in consultation with the clients, reach a happy end result.

Het was 2016…

And as is sometimes the case, our name ended up on the desk of an architect who had been given the wonderful assignment to design and furnish the Antwerp ‘Provinciehuis’. The leather upholstery for the walls was also a part of that interior.

Alphenberg was commissioned to think along and make a suitable proposal. A wonderful challenge!

Alphenberg is known for its high-quality wall and floor finish with leather.

More than just an ordinary wall.

When we started working out the specifications, we came to the conclusion that it was much more than “just a wall”. The upholstery had to have a high acoustic value and look chic, impressive and immaculate. Moreover, a large part of the walls was designed without a straight section. The floor plan was generally oval but for one straight wall. In such a case it is good to consider the question as to what extent you can meet a requirement that is so high and where technology and expertise must be of the highest level.

A unique solution!

You have to imagine that the leather wall tiles consist of diamond-shapes of ± 1.80 x 1 meter, mounted on an uninterrupted wall. Thus, each tile has a different radius. For the finishing of the tiles, a “cushion relief” was chosen, in appearance it looked just like a series of pillows. [we call them “Hugs” ] Firstly the were created for the acoustics, but certainly also for the optical result. White leather for the rounded walls and black leather for the straight walls. A kind of mold was first made for the oval wall in the shape of an inner wall. The white leather tiles, each in their individual size, were placed on it successively. A unique solution! In good cooperation with the architects and contractors and to the great satisfaction of the clients, we were able to realize all aspects perfectly.

The experience we have gained from this technical tour de force has taken us literally to a level higher.

Ultimately, everything was resolved to perfection.

It was not easy and we have learned more than a lot. We can proudly add “the splendor of Antwerp”, as it is called in the lobby, to our impressive list of projects.

INFO project:
new build PROVINCIEHUIS, Antwerp

Xaveer De Geyter Architecten bvba, Brussels

Collection: GUSTO

What else has this project given us but a feeling of pride?

It has brought us wisdom and experience. But we have also been able to develop new skills. Making acoustic walls in every shape imaginable is now part of our experience. An achievement in which out-of-the-box thinking and working with leather teamed-up perfectly. And yes, this has certainly affected our future. Today, acoustic walls play an important part in what ALPHENBERG stands for.