Our projects are the result of intensive collaboration with professionals on behalf of architects or designers.


In June 2019 we were approached to help solving a problem that arose during the development of the construction of the NACH. The courthouse in Amsterdam on the Parnassusweg.

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Provinciehuis Antwerpen

A special project in design and realization.

A piece of craftsmanship in combination with a unique design!

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Medical clinic Poland

The client wanted a clear, sleek but definitely not chilly atmosphere for his medical clinic. Comfort, tranquility and harmony were the key words.

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The residents had specific wishes regarding the interior. Alphenberg is an excellent partner to exchange ideas and to discuss the special wishes in order to find the possibilities to fulfill those wishes together.

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Alphenberg’s place in the line-up is often that of a midfielder.

A central position between client and designer. We think along at an early stage of a design, give our vision and share the expertise, in order to achieve an end result that makes everyone happy. Sometimes that’s fairly easy, sometimes there are serious hurdles to overcome. The goal is always to ultimately achieve the intended goal together!

Projects are never standard

The size of a project may vary, just as the number of partners involved. The high level of love and care that we put into a project can always be counted on.

Big projects are beautiful but rest assured that you are also very welcome to discuss any size of dream interior!