• Sturdy, smooth top layer
  • Light color nuances between the different skins, creating a nice contrast when tiles are cut separately
  • Braid


  • floors

  • walls

  • stairs

  • doors

  • kitchens

  • furniture

  • fireplaces

  • area rugs


Type: Split leather / buffalo
Top layer: Aniline
Thickness: 3.2 mm
Tile size: 320 x 320 mm
Fire safety: Bfl – S1

BRAID samples & colors







A classic technique in a brand-new version.

A wonderful example of a recent development is “weave-pattern”. An age-old technique and in the way how people respond to it we see that most of them have come across it before. Weave-pattern feels familiar and yet we have managed to transform it into a completely new concept.

The idea of the braid and its design comes from Wolterinck’s studio in Laren. [The Netherlands]

They were looking for a sustainable solution for a luxury leather wall finish, with a distinctive character and made entirely of residual material from the processing of leather. In collaboration with Alphenberg, who developed the technique, the weave-pattern was created.

… And we call it BRAID

Braid is made of a kind of leather from our collection, represented under the name Boxer, with a sturdy and even top layer in which subtle shades of color are visible. It is composed of strips of leather, cut from residual material, provided with a decorative stitching seam and processed into tiles of 32 x 32 cm. The tiles can be interconnected without any visible trace, thus creating the effect of endless bands of leather. Something that cannot be achieved normally due to the limitation of the size of the skin.
Braid is perfectly suitable for wall covering, on both straight and curved walls.

A wonderful result of a perfect cooperation