Leather with our ZERO label

Four lines based on sustainability

Leather with our ZERO label

Zero applies to the entire creating process

When do we use our zero label?

When it meets the guidelines drawn up by us within the ZERO LABEL concept.

The modern tanning process, where chromium-free is the key word, complies with current guidelines. It ensures a lesser burden on the environment but on top of that, it has the positive side effect of intensifying the colors. Worth mentioning is, contrary to the traditional process, the hides are now ‘air-dried’, which as a nice benefit, turns out to be significantly energy cost-cutting.

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An additional, but certainly not unimported, advantage of this drying process is the enhancement of the specific character of leather. A minimal finish makes the distinctive grain of every individual hide stand out. Compared to the traditional method, this new way of processing saves up to 80% on energy costs and chemicals used. The top finish is ‘Eco’ and is based on natural extracts and is GOTS certified.


Now what’s the difference from the standard collection?

The leather for our ZERO LABEL collection comes from young Dutch cattle. Our purchasing takes place in a completely transparent manner. Namely through a company that has made the entire history traceable per skin. The animals grazed on Dutch pastureland, maintaining our national landscape according to the strict standards of the ‘Beter-leven-label’. The entire process takes place on Dutch soil, so that transport and therefore CO2 emissions are kept to a minimum.

Leather according to today’s standards and wishes!