Alphenberg started in 2019 making acoustic applications for spaces in which sound and atmosphere play the leading role.

A fantastic new development that, as we can proudly say, has exceeded expectations. In the meantime, we have built up extensive experience in ‘preparing ready-made panels in our own studio’ that, after careful measurement of the room, can be mounted on location according to the standards within an extremely short time.

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Acoustic BARR

If you opt for acoustic walls with a cool, sleek and graphic appearance, AKOESTIEK BARR is the solution.

The rectangular shape with MDF as a base is finished with a hard leather type. The slats are fixed on PET felt. The panels are made to measure so that it takes little time to install them.

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Acoustic BROOM

ACOUSTICS BROOM lives up to its name. The round shape, which is finished with a soft leather type such as suede or nubuck, is derived from the broom handle. The bottom layer consists of a felt based on PET bottles.

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Acoustic HEXAGON

The base is the regular hexagon. A special shape that is both equilateral and equiangular and can therefore be used so perfectly as a ‘tile’. Within the shape, an optical illusionistic 3-dimensional cube has been created, divided into strips. A complex whole with a balanced, graphic and, above all, exclusive appearance.

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