Michelin stars restaurant Fred

Fred Mustert, owner and chef of 2 Michelin stars restaurant FRED, has his own philosophy. His starting point is: “The strength is the quality” and you can taste that when you enjoy culinary delights with all your senses in the beautiful ambiance. He calls it relaxed, elegant gastronomy. With as much attention to experience and aesthetics as to taste, Fred’s team creates a total experience that will stay with you for a long time. Everything in the restaurant has been worked out down to the last detail. Striking design elements have been incorporated into the interior.

Mastery, creativity & quality are the connecting factors that brought Fred & Alphenberg together.

Alphenberg was asked at an early stage to think about the restyling

The wall-covering art object made of leather with gold leaf is a real eye-catcher. But not only that. The restyling during the tenth anniversary has more novelties, such as a striking light object on the ceiling, an air-conditioned wine dome and beautiful fabric wall coverings.

Under the inspiring eye and in collaboration with designer Jeroen Smeele, a kind of tunnel was created in the hall, upon entering, covered with Acoustic Broom in the color Mouton. The columns were covered in the same style, but in the color Nordic Blue. This color was specially created by us for this interior. The sofas are covered with Solid Taupe (limited edition), the cupboard walls with Tundra Stone and the table shows an inlaiy (stitched) of Solid in the color Caqui, (also a limited edition).

Products used in this project