Medical clinic

A unique match of materials and their application ensures a perfect balance for the interior

In 2019, we were able to realize a wonderful project in collaboration with our partner in Poland.

The client wanted a clear, sleek but definitely not chilly atmosphere for his medical clinic. Comfort, tranquility and harmony were the key words.

Upon entering, we see a leather-covered counter completely harmonius in color with the wood used in the same space for the doors and frames. The leather the architect has selected together with us is VERTIGO in the color “Sand”. In this particular case, the leather is not attached to panels but glued directly to the counter wall. In this way, the sleek straight shapes of the furniture are further accentuated.

VERTIGO is alive!

Vertigo meets exactly the atmosphere that the architect had in mind: it is a bit sturdy, has a well-aged appearance with a lot of texture and color shades. These are the precise qualities that create the beautiful balance with the wood. The same type of leather has been chosen for the custom-made benches. This also applies to the vertical strips against the wall. Soft material is covered with Vertigo Sand so that the semicircular elements also function as a kind of cushion, which in turn becomes ‘family’ of the wall behind the counter covered with vertical wooden strips.

Harmony through the use of the same kind of leather but applied in different ways.

INFO project:

Client: private medical clinic
Realization: In collaboration with Alphenberg Poland
Design: KAZA Interior Design
Collection: VERTIGO

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