The main function of acoustic applications is to absorb sound. In addition to achieving the desired result in terms of sound, it is of course a great challenge to also be able to make the acoustic elements into a real eye-catcher. The behavior of vibrations and sound is complex. Leather seems to be made to make acoustics look beautiful too.

Alphenberg started in 2019 making acoustic applications for spaces
in which sound and atmosphere
play the leading role.


After more than 10 years of experience in the field of leather applications in the interior, Alphenberg is well acquainted with the fact that leather has a softening and fire-retardant effect. But developing and making acoustic walls that meet the required values is something else. Yet, Alphenberg recognized the opportunities. And thus, within a year, a product was created that, according to us, has exceeded our expectations by far.

In the meantime, we have built up a fast experience in preparing ready-made panels in our own studio that, after careful measurement of the room, can be mounted on location according to the standards within an extremely short time.

Our acoustic panels are available in several variants, each with its own character, color and appearance.

Leather interior applications

Hall 7 — Stand D91 – E92

MASTERSHIP, CREATIVITY, SUSTAINABILITY These are concepts that form the basis of who we are, what we do and what we are capable of, but also of what we want. We see leather processing as a pure craft, a profession where history and expertise are closely linked to the present, but certainly also to the future. Mastery is perhaps the best description of what we do in the field of leather processing. In the world of applications in high-end interior design, but also in the development of everything else possible. Because mastery is also a basis for creativity.

Hope to see you soon at our booth in Paris!