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How much luxury do you desire? A leather floor feels soft yet sturdy, warm yet cool, the appearance is unique, natural and chic. In short: a leather floor is a perfect basis. Literally and figuratively. And we haven’t even mentioned all the benefits yet. Leather can be used on a floor, but also on a staircase, or as a rug. And how about a leather floor in your gym? Be surprised and walk through the possibilities that we would like to show you here.

A leather floor provides the perfect foundation

A leather floor becomes more beautiful with use!

Leather is a natural material and therefore no two pieces of leather are the same. The leather we use for floors is strong and has a kind of ‘self-healing’ property. Scratches and stains often disappear spontaneously with use. The skin actually gains beauty as it ages. A leather floor is easy to maintain and is also insulating. The ultimate choice for a luxurious floor finish. Enough reasons to get acquainted with this wonderful product.

Which floor suits you?

For Alphenberg it is always a challenge to materialize an optimal design together with designers, architects, interior designers or private individuals. Color and material choice are important factors to get a result that makes you happy. The customer’s wishes are what it’s all about. We have a lot of experience in working with designers but also with private clients. And yes, you can expect us to give you good advice based on excellent knowledge of leather. And if you can’t figure it out on your own? We are happy to assist you.

Which leather is suitable

Not every type of leather is suitable for use on the floor. The leather we use meets various requirements. We have a choice of 3 types that we carry under the name Tundra, Boxer and Pampas. All are available in different colors but also in different designs with, for example a Cobra, a Kaiman or a Ray print. Of course, the method of installation is also a variable. The tiles can be laid in many different patterns.