Flagship store

The stylish premises where you can see, feel and smell the different applications of leather …

A classic building in a hip tailor-made suit.

After a major renovation of one of the most beautiful buildings in Waalwijk, we have left our former showroom in the center of Den Bosch for this gem, a stately 19th-century building on the Grotestraat in Waalwijk.

Upon entering you immediately experience the possible applications of leather for your interior. Various surfaces in various sizes but always delicately, subtly applied. For example, you will not only encounter walls and floors covered with leather, but also lighting, made-to-measure and even a bath clad in leather.

Leather is emotion.

Today everyone knows that leather in is chic, luxurious and valuable. What’s new is the way we apply it in our interior.

Walking through our building you will come across examples of leather in its most diverse processing, but above all you may experience it physically.

The balance of material & design.

When you sit down on a couch and feast your eyes, you will see that you are surrounded by not only the leading brands but also by designs by leading architects and designers. Now you may experience an atmosphere of luxury and comfort, of craftsmanship and creativity.

Beautiful photos of well-known interior photographers are displayed on the walls. They provide an impressive picture of the processing of leather as a pure craft.

Success is mainly in the combination of what designers come up with and what we ultimately make of it. And that is what makes Alphenberg unique.