Leather in your interior gives you a rich feeling, a unique feeling. Leather gives your living environment cachet. Out of sheer pride in this beautiful material we work with, this is therefore a completely new development. ONE ART is a collection of handmade leather works of art that can be integrated into an acoustic wall consisting of frames. Each work of art seems to have its own frame and yet integrated in the surface, they form a larger whole. Subtle and surprising. Of course, the works of art can also be hung individually or in series on any other background.

Acoustic art presented in leather

The Art of Acoustics and Acoustic Art

That is the clearest description of what we, not only, would like to show you but also experience. Acoustic panels have the function of absorbing sound. And the fact that those panels are also stunningly beautiful and have a double function as a work of art is quite special. Our own studio has made significant changes in the concept of acoustics. The panels are made of felt and finished with high-quality soft leather in four different basic designs. Every single panel is handmade and therefore no two works of art are the same.

We carry this collection under the name One Art

And that is understandable given its unique character. WRINKLE, DESERT ROSE, FLOW & SKYLINE are the names we have chosen. Each has its own character, yet you can also make beautiful combinations.

Skyline was created from hand-turned rolls of leather that vary in height. Wrinkle shows a larger piece of leather, meticulously folded into a shape that fits remarkably well within the frame. Desert Rose, with its winding relief, rises surprisingly from the surface, while Flow lets the flowing, organic lines smoothly stream within the frame.

All of them beautiful and composed in a subdued color. Made in SUEDE or GUSTO.

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Requesting a quote is easy. When we receive the specific dimensions of a wall surface – possibly accompanied by a photo or a drawing– we can make a tailor-made proposal for you. We are happy to help you determine the layout of the panels.