Area rugs

A leather area rug is a beautiful addition to, for example, a hard surface of natural stone, concrete or wood. In addition to its unique and sturdy appearance, a leather rug also has the advantage that it does not absorb dust, has an insulating and highly sound-absorbing effect and is available in many sizes, patterns and colors.

Our rugs are finished with an extra sound-absorbing lower layer that also prevents the rug from sliding.

Shape and size, color and skin… endless possibilities

Which types of leather are suitable?

The leather we use for our area rugs is generally the same as what we use for floors. The Tundra and Boxer collections are ideally suited. Tundra comes from the thickest parts of the hide, making it heavier and sturdier than most other types of leather. It has a sturdy and matte appearance and is to a certain extent self-repairing when it comes to scratches or signs of wear. But that is at the same time the reason that this leather gains in character as it gets older and therefore more used.

The Boxer collection is also very suitable. The appearance of Boxer is also cool, but slightly more chic than Tundra. It comes in many different color hues, which creates a varied and characterful appearance.

The shape & the patterns

Because we can put the separate leather parts together in any desired pattern, it is also possible to determine the final shape of the rug. This can be rectangular or round, square or in a self-chosen shape, with straight or round corners, in one color or multi-colored. Even leather with a structured print of Cobra, Kaiman or Ray is possible. To find out exactly what is possible, we recommend that you contact us.

Which leather is suitable

We already talked about which leather is suitable for an area rug. If you want to see the different kinds of leather, we recommend you to take a look at our collection!