Literally and figuratively speaking, a leather clad staircase takes you to another level!

For an architect or interior designer, the staircase often represents a challenge.

It is therefore not surprising that in addition to construction and size, we increasingly emphasize its finish, look and feel and comfort. A staircase is actually a bit of a strange element in your interior. It is neither a room nor a hall or corridorno but it does play an important role. Whether it is a connection between two floors or a division of an uneven floor into different levels, a staircase is an indispensable and defining element in your living or working environment. A staircase is used intensively. After all, we tend to put our footsteps on the same spots again and again. Leather on your stairs can take a beating. But above all, a leather staircase adds a certain cachet.

The perfect staircase is not only beautiful but also comfortable, sound-absorbing and durable. Leather on your stairs meets all those requirements!

A staircase is an impressive element in your house.

It is therefore ideally suited for a unique design. Leather can play the perfect role. Leather has a great advantage because special shapes and curves can also be perfectly finished. Leather stair coverings offer virtually unlimited possibilities, not only for an existing staircase but also for a new one.

The combination with stair lighting provides extra atmosphere and safety.

Perfection in shape, lines and finish!

Details are just as important to Alphenberg as the overall design.

This is beautifully illustrated by the wonderful bannister.
The leather is also enriched by an additional lengthwise decorative stitching.

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