Kitchen and taste are concepts that reach out to each other in more than one area.

The kitchen is more than a workplace.

The kitchen … an ideal place where you can sit at the bar at the end of the day, while the tastiest smells pass by, to discuss the experiences of the day together, discuss recipes or simply enjoy a nice glass of wine.

The recipe for a tastefully
executed kitchen.

Let’s be honest and admit that when we decorate a kitchen, we don’t immediately think of leather. But let’s surprise ourselves and ask the Alphenberg specialists to think along with us about the application possibilities of leather in our kitchen. It will turn out that so much more is possible than what you would have expected beforehand.

Taste the atmosphere and let yourself be inspired by new ideas.

Dare to fantasize… about the not so obvious but very tasteful and unique materials for your kitchen design. When you consider renewing your kitchen or desire a completely new kitchen. Enjoy the photos and if you have any questions or you would like a professional consultation with one of our specialists? Please, get in touch.

Alphenberg has a lot of experience with various kitchen specialists and designers so we can give your kitchen the “personal-taste” that suits you best.