An interior with its own identity, tailor-made, unique craftsmanship of the highest level… that demands leather!

Unique applications in leather

Creativity is our top priority. The challenge for Alphenberg is to work with designers, architects or interior specialists to arrive at an optimal design in which shape, color and choice of materials are decisive. The individual expression and wishes of the client are the most important starting point.

Meubels & maatwerk met leer
Meubels & maatwerk met leer

How surprising can it be

When you think of a bathroom, you don’t often think of using leather on walls or on made-to-measure furniture.

A Dutch designer created this space for a new villa in which the dressing table and the adjoining walls are covered with TUNDRA CLAY.

Een Nederlandse designer ontwierp voor een nieuwe villa deze ruimte waarin de kaptafel en de aansluitende wanden bekleed zijn met TUNDRA CLAY

Private medical clinic

The client wanted a clear, sleek but not chilly atmosphere for his medical clinic in which comfort, tranquility and harmony were the key words. The VERTIGO SAND has been chosen. In this case, the leather is not attached to tiles but attached directly to the counter wall. In this way, the sleek straight shapes of the furniture are nicely accentuated.

Leather is a natural product, but you have to realize that no two pieces of leather are the same. Uniqueness in its purest form!

Meubels & maatwerk met leer
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Autotron in Rosmalen | A businesslike, sleek look with a personal touch.

This is reflected in, for example, the leather that is used as an inlay for the desk. TUNDRA PETROL fully conveys these qualities.

Bar met leer afwerking

Leather is ideally suited for furniture with body

The leather used for the bar is from the HYPERNOVA collection. The color JADE has been chosen for the bar on the left. A color reflecting the entire range of colors in the interior.

Like no other item in the Alphenberg collection, Hypernova represents the result of the never-ending search for innovation and renewal. A mix of colors, metallics and wax layers has produced a very surprising and impressive result.

Unieke bar met lederen afwerking

Leather can be used perfectly on the curves of made-to-measure furniture!

Unieke bar met lederen afwerking

TUNDRA CHOCLAT has a sturdy and lively appearance

It can be layed in many different patterns. As large tiles on, for example, curved furniture as can be seen on the bar. Or in a herringbone pattern. Depending on the age and use, the TUNDRA will adapt in appearance. The result is a well-aged look with beautiful skin.

Meubels met lederen afwerking
Meubels met lederen afwerking
Stijlvolle barbekleding met leer
Chique bar met leer