A leather floor has character, chic yet sturdy!

Beauty comes with age!

A leather-covered floor gives your living or working environment an exclusive and chic, sturdy look! It is strong, warm, insulating and soundproof. But leather on the floor has even more positive qualities. Leather floor tiles are also durable, have a fire-retardant effect, are maintenance-friendly and wear-resistant. A floor covered with leather tiles feels soft and comfortable. It is also a real eye-catcher for your living or working environment. Leather is a natural material, no two pieces of leather are the same. A leather floor gains in beauty with age and use. In fact, it is the ultimate choice for a luxury floor finish. Enough reasons to get acquainted with this wonderful product.

Designing a leather floor.

For Alphenberg it is always a challenge to achieve an optimal design together with designers, architects, interior decorators or private individuals. Color and choice of materials are important factors to get a result that makes you happy. Whether it concerns a leather floor or other applications with leather in the interior, the client’s wishes are what it is all about.

We have ample experience in cooperating with top designers. Famous interior designers, architects and leather specialists from both home and abroad have sat down with us to discuss the limitless possibilities.

We sincerely dare to say we are proud, but we stand with our feet firmly on the ground… and of course on a leather floor!