A door covered with leather is a surprising addition to your luxurious interior!

A door is much more than a barrier or a passage to another space.

Doors are so self-evident in an interior that we tend to forget how they make their mark on the spaces in which we live and work. Alphenberg knows that a door can be so much more than a functional passage from one room to another. Doors are of great importance in our interior. They provide the desired privacy, are able to maintain the ambient temperature and offer a degree of security.

An average door covers just under two square meters of wall space, on both sides!

So it does not come as a surprise that we like to give it some extra attention, because the appearance of a door, with or without a frame, is actually of the same importance to a wall as, for example, a painting! Leather on the door is ideal for some extra cachet. A leather covered door has virtually unlimited application possibilities, both in terms of size and color, as well as the use of a pattern or any kind of relief. On top of that there are those extra qualities such as fire-retardant effect and soundproofing, that make a leather covered door unique.