Area rugs
with leater

A leather rug is like the icing on a cake.

Shape and size, color and skin… endless possibilities.

A leather rug can be a wonderful addition to, for example, a hard surface of natural stone, concrete or wood. In addition to its unique and sturdy look, a leather carpet also has the advantage that it does not attract dust. It has an insulating and sound-absorbing effect and is available in many sizes and colors.

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Leren vloerkleden

Choose with expert advice

Which leather is best suited for your dream home?

Let the Alphenberg specialists advise you.
Even when you are not sure if you will choose leather.

Feel free to call or email for an appointment to have a look at the possibilities and discuss them with us.

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Leather is a natural product, basic but also chic and timeless and above all unique.

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A beautiful play of color, shape and choice of materials.

This example uses TUNDRA CLAY and TUNDRA GRAY – with and without relief print of Cobra and Kaiman. It has been executed in an alternating cross pattern. The atmosphere evokes memories of a classic vintage wooden floor. The implementation, however, is completely contemporary.

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Perfection in shape, lines and finish!

Details are just as important to Alphenberg as the overall design.

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