I don’t really care about trends.
I couldn’t be bothered.

“I’ve never been any good at working neatly within strict boundaries”, Hans says about himself. And that is perhaps one of the most beautiful qualities in a designer. Hans loves to combine materials, shapes and colors. It goes without saying that this is exactly what leads to his surprising designs. The STRONG ONE, a chair launched in February 2021, is an excellent example. The most beautiful fabrics combined with the subdued colors of the leather make an eye-catching ensemble.

Unmistakable signature, full of character, strong and powerful.
This is the STRONG ONE.

Design with a mission.

Hans Kuijten designed this sturdy chair with a mission: it is the essential eye-catcher for any interior. Top quality, a feast for the eyes and very comfortable as to be expected. It is available in 9 luxurious material and color combinations.