For years, we have been working closely with various professional specialists.

Leather specialist Alphenberg stands for collaboration to create unique interior applications.

A statement that we would certainly like to live up to across the board. And we prefer to do it together with colleagues, architects and designers. Collaboration with “interior specialists” means that we can embrace any challenge with complete confidence. We taste the growing benefits of it every day. In principle, all specialists have their own field, but they also know the products and methods of the alliance partners. As a result, the lines within the collaboration are short and we can effortlessly anticipate each other’s activities, supplement each other where and when it is necessary and implement changes or adjustments concerning the interior in an efficient manner.

I don’t really care about trends. I couldn’t be bothered.

“I’ve never been any good at working neatly within strict boundaries”, Hans says about himself. And that is perhaps one of the most beautiful qualities in a designer. Hans loves to combine materials, shapes and colors. It goes without saying that this is exactly what leads to his surprising designs. The STRONG ONE, a chair launched in February 2021, is an excellent example. The most beautiful fabrics combined with the subdued colors of the leather make an eye-catching ensemble.


The extractor hood; a piece of furniture.

Today’s kitchen should at least have the same superb atmosphere as the living room. A living space that invites you, your family and friends to linger for hours. Not a standard kitchen, but a carefully composed interior.


A staircase is often an undervalued element in a house and we want to change that.
A staircase deserves to be seen!

We renovate existing stairs and give them a new look by covering the steps. As a result we are not only upgrading the stairs, but the entire house!