The main function of acoustic applications is to absorb sound. The behavior of vibrations and sound is complex. In addition to achieving the desired result in terms of sound, it is of course a great challenge to also make the acoustic elements a true eye-catcher. Leather seems to be made to make acoustics beautiful too.

Stunning acoustic solutions!

Alphenberg & acoustics

After more than 15 years of experience in the field of leather applications in the interior, Alphenberg knows all too well that leather has a softening and fire-retardant effect. Developing and designing acoustic walls that meet the required values ​​is in itself a profession. We started furnishing the NACH (New Amsterdam Court House) in 2019. Since then, the development of eye-catching acoustic applications has stolen many hearts.

What do we mean by acoustics?

Acoustics is the way sound is heard in a room. Do you experience reverberation? Or can you understand each other well? Each room has its own acoustics. When there is a lot of sound reflection, it takes a while for the sound to fade away. It’s called reverberation and it can be calculated and measured. You will notice the difference and comfort when you choose our acoustic solutions.

Which leather is suitable

There are many types of leather to choose from. The carrier, which is also important, is always made of felt. Made from recycled pet bottle. We have a suitable background color for every color of leather. But it is best to take a look at our collection and see what options are available.