Leather and acoustics; an unexpected and unique solution.
And our result is excellent both optically and technically!

The challenge of an eye-catching acoustic solution!

The main function of acoustic applications is to absorb sound. In addition to achieving the desired result in terms of sound, it is of course a great challenge to also be able to make the acoustic elements into a real eye-catcher. The behavior of vibrations and sound is complex. Leather seems to be made to make acoustics look beautiful too.

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ACOUSTIC BARR – TUNDRA CLAY [furniture bottom right] location: Waalwijk Alphenberg Flagship Store

Alphenberg started in 2019 making acoustic applications for spaces in which sound and atmosphere play the leading role. A fantastic new development that, as we can proudly say, has exceeded expectations.

We carry two design lines.

BROOM is immediately recognizable by its round shapes and BARR by its rectangular, flat shape.


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Continuous development and innovation are both indispensable for the best result but this is only achieved by combining these qualities with an abundance of creativity.

What brought Alphenberg to the field of acoustic solutions?

After more than 10 years of experience in the field of leather applications in the interior, Alphenberg is well acquainted with the fact that leather has a softening and fire-retardant effect. But developing and making acoustic walls that meet the required values is something else. Yet, Alphenberg recognized the opportunities. And thus, within a year, a product was created that, according to us, has exceeded our expectations by far. It is obvious that the process of developing a high-quality product does not always come easy. Complexity simply requires deeper research. And visual beauty, as a grand result, adds to the challenge.

The interior of one of the rooms in the NACH (New Amsterdam Court House) in which the lower part clearly shows the BROOM acoustic walls.